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Capture and Convert Paper
and Electronic Documents

Why Deltalink?

We do not know how far you have progressed with your digital transformation process and what your plans are for moving forward. We help many organizations, both small and big, on their digital transformation journey - some taking their first digitization steps and others already in advanced stages of transformation. Listen to what some of these organizations say about our partnership:

Deltalink has helped us to tranform our business from a paper challenging environment to one where most of out processes are now digital.  John Peterson, COO, Mirabilis

We are well on our way to change the we way we work by moving away from inefficient processes, thanks to Deltalink.

Joachim German, CEO, Karo Manufacturing.

Best service. Always there when we need them, Prepared to work for nothing. We love them.

Mike Bengstrom, CIO, Kansai Plascon

We can now catch 10 times more crooks thanks to the great system that Deltalink implemented. As a result of the success of this solution we are now planning to take advantage of this solution in other areas of the organization

AN Other, Chief Investigator, FIC

We have managed to increase our capacity many times with the assistance of Deltalink .

Mr Porsche, CEO, QNoMore

In the beginning we were sceptical about what they could do for us, but Deltalink exceeded our expectations by helping us to manage the documents of a complex project meaningfully.

Peter Brighthouse, Project Manager, MCWAP

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Store and manage all types of documents and other business objects
Business Process Management

Are any of the following areas of interest to you?

Automate approval processes:

Leave applications

Creditor payments

QMS processes

Account Applications

Complaint management

Loan applications

Business processes

Employment processes

Mailroom document distribution

Enterprise Information/Document Management for all industries

Record Management

Quality Management (QMS)

Contract Management

Scan solutions 

POD processing

Invoice processing

Bank statement processing

Mailroom document classification

Form processing

Vehicle registration form processing

Traffic fines processing

Email processing

   The  products we deploy   

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