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    FineReader PDF 15 

The smarter PDF solution

Digitize, retrieve, edit, protect, share, and collaborate on all kinds of documents in the same workflow

What is ABBYY FineReader PDF? 

ABBYY FineReader PDF is a versatile PDF tool which empowers information workers to efficiently manage documents in the digital workplace. It harnesses ABBYY’s AI-based OCR technology to make it easier to digitize, retrieve, edit, protect, share, and collaborate on all kinds of documents in the modern working world.


FineReader PDF reduces inefficiencies resulting from a variety of causes: inaccessible, non- searchable documents and information; workflows that involve a mix of paper and digital documents; and tasks that require the use of multiple software applications. This allows information workers to focus on their areas of expertise, rather than the intricacies of their administrative tasks.


Optimize document processes

Digitize, retrieve, edit, protect, share, and collaborate on all kinds of documents in one workflow. 

Make the most of PDFs


Edit digital and scanned PDFs with a newfound ease: correct whole sentences and paragraphs or even adjust the layout.

Digitize the document workflow

Incorporate paper documents into a digital workplace with AI-based OCR technology to simplify daily work.

Key features

ABBYY FineReader PDF offers a comprehensive toolset to simplify the experience of working with documents in a variety of formats–whether digital by origin or digitized from paper.

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Edit and organize PDFs

Work with any document, whether digital by origin or digitized, in the same efficient manner. Access and edit texts, tables, and the entire layout of a PDF without additional conversion steps.


Protect and sign PDFs

Mitigate security risks when sharing and storing PDFs. Apply and verify digital signatures, redact sensitive information, remove hidden data, and manage access to your PDFs.


Compare documents in different formats

(FineReader PDF Corporate only) Quickly identify differences between two versions of a document, even if one or both documents are non-searchable scans. Export changes in an easy overview either as a commented PDF or a Word document with track changes to share and collaborate with others.


Collaborate on and approve PDFs


Share ideas, collect feedback from the team, and get documents approved. Use tools to discuss and make decisions directly in a PDF by marking up, commenting on, and drawing within a document.


Create and convert PDFs


Convert any format or paper document into a searchable PDF (compliant with the ISO specifications) or convert PDFs into Microsoft® Word and Excel® for advanced editing.


Automate digitization and conversion routines

(FineReader  PDF  Corporate  only)  Take  advantage of  automation tools to streamline repetitive OCR tasks and to convert multiple documents into searchable PDF and PDF/A documents or into editable formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and more.


Digitize documents and scans with OCR


Digitize paper and make scanned documents searchable for storage and quick, reliable retrieval or to instantly reuse and edit. Leverage ABBYY’s market-leading, AI-based OCR technology for the digital workplace.


Work easily with a universal PDF tool


Enjoy a simple and straightforward user inter- face and high-quality results. Increase the ef- ficiency of daily work by reducing the number of applications in use and avoiding duplicate efforts. Leverage FineReader PDF functions integrated with Microsoft Office apps.


Create interactive PDF forms


Create your own PDF forms with fillable fields, drop-down lists, multiple-choice questions, action buttons, and more, to effectively collect information or create standardized document templates.


Which option is best for you?

ABBYY FineReader PDF equips information workers with the PDF tools they need to meet the demands of a digital world. Individual users, small and medium-sized businesses, enterprise customers, or public and educational institutions can choose between two versions of ABBYY FineReader PDF, depending on what kind of tasks are needed. 



Edit, protect, and collaborate on PDFs

Create and convert PDFs

Digitize paper documents and scans with OCR


Edit, protect, and collaborate on PDFs

Create and convert PDFs

Digitize paper documents and scans with OCR

Automate digitization and conversion routines 5,000 pages/month*, 2 cores

Volume Licensing

Both Standard and Corporate editions are available in a number of licensing options to equip multiple employees with a universal PDF tool. Benefit from progressive volume discounts, network deployment, and simple license management.

NEW Edit all of the PDF

With FineReader PDF 15, editing PDFs of any kind, including scanned documents, has become almost as easy as with a text editor. You can edit entire paragraphs, change the text formatting, edit table cells, and even rearrange the whole layout.

NEW Export document comparison

In addition to exporting the differences between two versions of a document as comments in a PDF, you can now also export the results as a Word document in track-changes mode. This allows you to easily accept or reject the edits and finalize the document.

NEW Collect information with PDF forms

To get information effectively collected, you can now create your own fillable PDF forms, either from scratch or by adding interactive fields and action buttons to existing PDFs.

NEW Convert documents with higher accuracy

The latest OCR technology has further improved the recognition accuracy for Chinese, Japanese, Korean languages, layout retention, and PDF conversion. Converting documents has never been easier.

What sets FineReader PDF apart?

• Instant background recognition makes non-searchable PDFs immediately accessible for working with them
• Highly efficient comparison of documents in different formats, including non- searchable scans
• Vast number of recognition languages, inclu- ding intelligent detection of the document language and multilingual document support
• Industry leader in OCR with excep- tional conversion accuracy and layout retention
• Advanced document digitization and conversion with the OCR Editor
• Superior accuracy for table conversion and extraction

NEW Integrated with Microsoft® Office

Open and edit scanned and PDF documents instantly in Microsoft® Word. Save emails, attachments, and folders as searchable PDFs in Outlook. Create PDFs directly from within Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Compare a document directly from Word with its PDF or scanned copy.

NEW Integrated with Mobile


Scan your documents directly to FineReader PDF 15 on your Windows® computer using FineReader PDF Mobile on your smartphone.

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