ABBYY Recognition Server

ABBYY Recognition Server is a powerful server-based OCR solution for automated document capture and PDF conversion. It allows organisations and scanning service providers to implement cost-efficient processes for converting paper and image documents into electronic files suitable for long-term digital archiving and full-text search.

ABBYY Recognition Server automatically acquires document images from scanners, file, fax and e-mail servers, as well as Microsoft® SharePoint® libraries, performs optical character recognition to retrieve fulltext information and offers the possibility to add metadata. The results are delivered directly to network folders, SharePoint libraries or other storage and management systems as MRC-compressed searchable PDF or PDF/A files, XML data, Microsoft Word and Excel® files or plain text.

This highly scalable solution allows you to quickly convert large quantities of documents in a short time. Its quick deployment, easy administration and automated work routines make ABBYY Recognition Server an investment that delivers fast returns.


• Efficient document handling
Electronic documents can be electronically stored,
quickly distributed and easily shared among users.

• Fast access to information
Important business documents can be quickly
detected by search applications that can check the
text of documents for relevant key words.

• Enabling document management
Documents can be stored on a company’s IT
network. Regular system backup assures that no
information is lost, even if the paper original is

• Increased document security
Access to confidential documents stored in
business applications can be precisely defined.

• Higher customer satisfaction
Quick access to centrally stored customer
correspondence allows organisations to respond
to customer queries in a timely manner.

• Fail-safe processing
due to workload balancing and cluster support

• Decrease of storage cost
Storing paper documents in a digital format on a
company network will free physical space in the
office previously needed for files and cabinets.

• Reliable OCR results
Highly accurate recognition of documents in more
than 190 languages and 1D and 2Dbarcodes

• Easy deployment
with any scanner or MFP, existing ECM or other IT

• Flexible usage
for smaller quantities as well as for significant
document volumes

• Fast return on investment
due to quick deployment and easy maintenance

• Multiple export formats
incl. XML, highly compressed MRC PDF, PDF/A,
Microsoft Word, etc.; wxact copy of the original
input file structure in output library - with all files
in searchable format

Administration Console for Easy Management

ABBYY Recognition Server can be remotely administered via the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). All system settings, including workflows, licences and server log files, can be accessed in one place.

Automated and Scheduled Processing

ABBYY Recognition Server processes documents automatically according to pre-defined sets of processing parameters (workflows), which include document input source, processing stages and output parameters. The application can handle different workflows simultaneously, following corresponding priorities. Particular workflows can run at specific times to take advantage of low-workload periods (i.e. night time).

Integration into Existing Systems

ABBYY Recognition Server can be easily connected to external applications, such as digital archives or Enterprise Content Management systems via XML Tickets, COM-based API and Web Service API.

Scalability and Flexibility

To increase processing speed a high-performance multi-core PC can be used as Processing Station or the workload can be distributed among several PCs within the network. The flexible and scalable architecture allows setting up systems which can easily process hundreds of pages per minute.

Easy document OCR & conversion using ABBYY Recognition Server