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Your Digital Transformation Partner

Where do you start your digital transformation journey?

Digitization is always a good starting point.

Digitization is the process of converting information into a digital format.


Digitization plays a major role in transforming your business into a digital organization/enterprise.


A digital enterprise is an organization that uses technology as a competitive advantage in its internal and external operations. As information technology (IT) reshaped the infrastructure and operations of enterprises, the term "digital enterprise" has taken on different meanings.


Digitization is not just about transforming/converting paper to digital format. It is also about not creating paper based records in the first place. When information is born digital, it should remain digital throughout its lifecycle and all processes relating to it should be performed digitally.


Digitization is a business transformation process. It has a dramatic impact on efficiency and it can provide visibility to every step of a business process. It provides a platform for effective management and a platform to measure activities and optimize skills deployment.
















Our role within the Digital Transformation framework is the provision of digitization solutions to support the alignment of the internal organization and technology with the bigger Digital Transformation objectives. This includes, but is not limited to:


  • Beneficiation of paper and electronic documents (conversion, classification, metadata enrichment, data extraction)

  • Management of electronic documents (Office documents, emails, PDF, CAD, etc)

  • Digital support for business processes (BPM / Workflow, assignments, etc)

  • Digital support for quality and compliance management (ISO, HACP, etc)

  • Support for digital records management

  • Digital support for case management

  • Digital mailrooms, and many other business activities.


Digital transformation is the deliberate and progressive transformation of business activities, processes, competencies, attitudes and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities offered by digital technologies and their impact across society in a strategic and prioritized way.


Only when your marketing, customer experience, internal organization, and technology are in alignment will the big wins from Digital Transformation become a reality. And digitization plays an important role in facilitating this alignment.

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