Bank Statement Capture Automation


Bank Statement capturing can be an extremely challenging process. With the amount of data, and the number of errors that are made during manual capture, this becomes a much dreaded process.


With our custom ABBYY FlexiCapture Bank Statement Processing system, this task becomes a much more time efficient and accurate process. The system provides a standardised format which is easy to analyse and interpret.


Application Form / Survey  / Census Processing


Handwritten application- and survey forms are still very prevalent in the developing markets stemming from logistical challenges associated with the digital capture of this information at source.


To assist with the capture process associated with these types of documents, ABBYY FlexiCapture has been providing solutions for this capture problem for the past 15+ years.


Debt Recovery Document Processing


Legal processes often involve paper intensive processes, especially considering that South African courts still prefer to work with paper. The main challenge in this process is the capture of information relating to the specific  account  / case from paper to the relevant Admin system.


ABBYY FlexiCapture reduces the manual input requirements associated with these processes by extracting relevant information from AODs, Sheriff Returns, Summons Documents etc. Once processed, M-Files is used for the easy retrieval and management of these documents.

KYC/FICA Document  Capture and Classification


The identification and verification of customer information such as Application forms, ID Documents, Passports, Voter Cards, Proof of Residence, Proof of Income, and Proof of Banking, in most cases are a very cumbersome process.


With Deltalink's custom ABBYY FlexiCapture FICA processing system, the classification and extraction of information from these documents make this process much more manageable.


Shipping Document Processing


The import and export of goods are paper heavy processes. This in turn makes the managing of the various documents associated with these goods very difficult.

By electronically capturing, ordering and storing these documents, any subsequent query or audit relating to the import / export is easily dealt with.


SharePoint Capture Solutions


SharePoint has become a standard for many companies as their Intranet / Document Management repository. With the pervasiveness of SharePoint, ever more documents are stored in SharePoint for archiving and for managing workflow processes.

As many documents are either scanned or saved to SharePoint, the capture of the relevant metadata could prove frustrating and time consuming. Deltalink offers various applications that interface with SharePoint to reduce the burden of capturing and uploading information to SharePoint.


Centralised Enterprise OCR Conversion

Converting documents within a large organization may be a challenge with OCR desktop software typically installed on a limited number of machines. This could be disruptive for key individuals who are encumbered with the conversion of contracts, letters, and other documents not in an editable format.


With ABBYY Recognition Server, information is converted centrally which means no more OCR desktop applications, no more reliance on key individuals, and no learning of  software for users. Simply email an image document to a dedicated email address, for example, and receive the converted Word document as the reply to the email.


Bulk Capture and Conversion


Transitioning from paper documents to electronic documents can be a time consuming and costly process. Approaching the conversion process with the right tools and advice can make the process more manageable.

Deltalink has over 20 years of document scanning and conversion experience, and can assist in defining the most efficient processes, and recommending the correct tools to get the job done.


Vehicle Fleet Document Capturing and Management

Capturing information relating to vehicle licensing, vehicle registration and traffic fines can be a time consuming and/or time critical process.  Manually processing these documents for large fleets costs an extraordinary amount of resources and money.

By scanning and electronically extracting the relevant information from these documents the processing time can be reduced significantly to consistently meet turnaround times and accuracy requirements. During the same process the documents can be stored electronically in a document management system for easy retrieval afterwards using any of the captured information as search criteria.


Accounts Payable Document Pack Processing


Orders, Invoices, Delivery Notes and Statements form part of an Accounts payable process which often is a document heavy process. To ensure that information is captured and stored correctly, ABBYY FlexiCapture and M-Files can be used to simplify the management of this process by reducing the amount of manual capturing required and by logically storing and grouping the information in an EIM system where an automated workflow process can manage the payment approval process.

Proof of Delivery Processing

Signed Proof of Delivery notes are an integral part of managing the debtors’ book of a company. Managing this process as a paper-based task more often than not is a flawed process involving lost or misplaced documents resulting in large debt write-offs.

By digitizing the Delivery Notes/Proof of deliveries and supporting documents, the process is made more visible resulting in a debtor days decrease, misfiling becomes a thing of the past, and accurate exception reporting becomes a reality, whilst gaining full control of the process.


Electronic Mailroom Solutions


The manual distribution of large volumes of incoming communications via mail, email and fax can limit your company’s ability to respond quickly to your customers’ needs. By optimizing your incoming mail processes we will help you introduce greater efficiency, accuracy and predictability into these processes that will result in higher internal and customer service levels.

By digitizing the incoming mail process and adding metadata to documents in the process all incoming mail, both paper and electronic, can be classified and routed automatically to the most likely person/department in the company that can action it.

Digital mailrooms deliver many benefits, the most noticeable which are:

  • Reducing the mail processing cycle time

  • Optimizing the distribution of information

  • Introducing visibility and traceability to the mail distribution process

  • Improving customer service

  • Reducing paper handling and associated costs